Always happy to
meet new people,
yet always respectful
of your personal space.

Always happy to
meet new people,
yet always respectful
of your personal space.

With the Lecherin, I want to show my guests what life in Lech is really like. How to make the most of the time that is suddenly theirs when they leave their daily routine behind and dedicate themselves entirely to the mountain. What it feels like to have your early-morning hike rewarded by a glorious sunrise, and where to live these moments to the fullest.

Michael is a mountaineering and sports enthusiast. He has known these mountains all his life. They provide him with a sense of peace and strength and are part of who he is. His goal is to pass on this closeness to nature and his love of being active in the great outdoors in Lech to his guests, with a home from home that is authentic and real.

The aesthetics of the Lecherin apartments skilfully link their natural setting with straightforward design and regional craftsmanship. This is partially due to Michael’s craftsman skills, but also to the legacy of his wife Michelle, who sadly passed away in 2023 and whose intuitive sense of design and atmosphere made the Lecherin what it is today: A true haven of peace and tranquillity.

5 questions
for Michael

One half of the Lecherin is your private home. You welcome all your guests in person. What should holidaymakers expect of you as their host?

Yes, the Lecherin is also the home I share with my daughter Leni. The Lecherin was the project of me and my deceased wife Michelle. Together, we were able to build and finish our beautiful home. I watched the way my wife interacted with our guests, and I know that I want to follow in her footsteps: authentic, always ready to help & with the ultimate goal of bringing nature closer to our guests. My small family will continue to be there for our guests in future.

You want your guests to enjoy a holiday "close to nature”. What does that mean to you?

Arrive, breathe freely – and enjoy! “Close to nature” starts with the natural materials we used for construction and for interior design and stretches all the way to the location itself. We offer unobstructed views of the Lech mountain world. The fresh mountain air and the Lech river that flows past just below our house contribute to the overall effect. From here, guests enjoy direct access to winter hiking routes and the cross-country skiing trail. This is a setting that stands for tranquillity, the power of nature, and of course pleasant temperatures.

The Lecherin is made entirely from timber, produced using regional resources by local workshops. You also helped with construction. Why did you choose this rather labour-intensive way of building?

The love of timber as a raw material has a certain presence in our family, which is also why I originally trained as a carpenter. The architect is also a trained carpenter, and together we soon came to the conclusion that what we wanted was a timber building. Helping to build the house was a matter of the heart for me. It makes you proud to see what you can create with your own two hands, for yourself and your guests. In addition, this way of building is carefully planned and well structured. As a developer, it actually leaves you more time to focus on all the additional things that need dealing with!

If a guest asks for ideas on what to do in and around Lech, what would you recommend?

In winter, skiing is the classic leisure activity in these parts. Then there is ski trekking, or the winter hiking trails around Lech, Zug, Oberlech and Zürs. Other alternatives to skiing are the bobsled run, the cross-country skiing trail, the Kinderland Zürs and Oberlech, or a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

In summer, take the bus to Formarinsee or Spullersee, two stunning lakes in the Zugertal valley, or explore the Alps with the Rüfikopf or Oberlech cable cars. They make perfect starting points for unforgettable hikes, for instance to watch the sunset or sunrise. In Zürs, there is the Seekopf cable car and the “Grüner Ring” hiking trail. For families with kids, Libellensee is a great lake destination!

Your favourite spot in and around the Lecherin is …

… the fireplace in our living room, which provides warmth and helps me get away from it all. Outdoors, it would be my garden, which gives me more and more joy. Around the Lecherin, it is our local mountain, the Omeshorn, and the village of Bürstegg – a one-of-a-kind hotspot of strength! And of course, there is also the Zugertal valley.

See you soon!

Michael + Leni

We offer unobstructed views of the Lech mountain world. The fresh mountain air and the Lech river that flows past just below our house contribute to the overall effect.


Der Bergsommer in Lech ist eine ganz besondere Zeit ...

Sobald der Schnee dem frischen Grün und den ersten Blüten weicht ...

... dann erblüht dieser Ort in allen Farben.

Freut euch auf Spaziergänge und Wanderungen durch Wald und Wiesen ...

... sie lassen das Gemüt erstrahlen.

Die Lecherin liegt direkt am Einstieg zu den beliebtesten Spaziergängen und Wanderungen.

Die gemütliche Loggia lädt zum Entspannen am Nachmittag ein.

Den angenehmen Duft des Waldes wahrnehmen ...

... und die unendliche Weite der Lecher Bergwelt genießen.

Eine wahre Oase ist das Lecher Waldschwimmbad ...

... die perfekte Abkühlung am Nachmittag, für Klein & Groß.

Die Sommerblüte in Lech ist in ihrer Vielfalt einzigartig ...

... und der Sommer taucht die Lecherin in sein sanft-buntes Licht.

Genießt den. Blick auf den Lechbach, der an unserem Haus vorbeiführt.

Denn er ist eine wahre Kraftquelle ...

... der euch an warmen Sommertagen mit einer Abkühlung belohnt.

Hier findet ihr Abenteuer für die ganze Familie ...

... gemeinsam der Natur nah sein. Hier bei uns in Lech.

Die Sterne bei der Laurentius Nacht beobachten ...

... oder den Zauber des goldenen Herbstes erleben.

Ankommen. Durchatmen. Im Takt der Natur.

In flow
with nature.




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